Crafting Beautiful Design With Integrity

With Catherine Connolly, CEO Merida Rugs

Catherine Connolly, of Merida Rugs meridastudio.com is a woman on a mission.  On a daily basis, she is tasked with making wise business choices that are more than "skin deep".   In today's world, Catherine's mission is an important and precious one; protecting the integrity of a company that cares as much about the makers who are crafting the product as the product itself.  

"For Merida, the quality equation includes the people who bring our rugs to life — from the field to the workroom to the floor.  As a manufacturer we have a responsibility to the hearts and minds of those who, directly or indirectly, have a hand in producing our products.  We work closely with our global partners to ensure fair labor practices that not only provide jobs but also promote people’s health and growth."

With over thirty years experience in the textile and rug industry, Merida is a company of makers, designers, and collaborators. Reviving design manufacturing in Fall River, Massachusetts and working closely with their global partners, Merida is committed to timeless techniques with an eye to the future. It is in their nature to care deeply about sourcing, integrity, and the elevation of design.
As they continue to broaden their portfolio with products that build on our heritage of craftsmanship, showcase their design point of view, and elevate the beauty and integrity of their materials, Merida hopes to grow awareness for the importance of buying quality products that respect the makers as well as the materials. By doing so, they can continue to make a positive impact in the communities where they do business—across the globe and here in Boston. 

Please join us for a first hand discussion with Catherine.  

When:  Tuesday, April 14th
Where:  Merida
1 Design Center Place, Suite 714

Time:  7:00 pm
RSVP:  Jill.palese@gmail.com

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Thank you, Catherine for your generosity!  For sharing your time, your knowledge and your location with the ladies of Design Salon.