April Event : The Road to Success with Plank Designs + Bob's Your Uncle

April's Design Salon event will feature Doreen Hing of Plank Designs and Michele Yeeles of Bobs Your Uncle. Hing and Yeeles have a lot in common. They both are former footwear designers who used to reside in the U.K and now live in the Boston area where both run their own design orientated businesses.

Plank Designs is a sophisticated resource of cheeky, unique and beautifully designed accessories for yoga and life. Plank's line includes beautiful canvas bags, unique yoga mats, soap and even bathrobes made of bamboo. See more at www.plankdesigns.com
Bob's Your Uncle also is a cheeky business. Their line includes note cards, planners, notebooks, placemats and more. With their iconic bold saying note cards you're sure to recognize their products instantly. More at www.bobsyouruncle.com and to see more of their designs click here.

Come and Join Us!
Jill Palese (r.s.v.p to jill.palese rcn.com)
Jill Rosenwald's Studio, 369 Congress St, 2nd Flr, Boston
Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dorothea said...

let's remember that this event is on TUESDAY! the 29th.
the yahoo group message said the 28th

Anonymous said...

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Thank you
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