Aid To Artisans

On September 16, Carol Campbell and Colleen Pendleton of Aid to Artisans http://www.aidtoartisans.org/ presented an inspiring view of the design world to Design Salon Boston. In the spirit of generosity, Heather Wells of Heather G Wells, LTD. Architectural Interiors offered the use of her posh studio space for the evening.

We heard from Carol and Colleen that it is possible to develop our craft alongside artisans in Third World countries, blending our skills and knowledge with the cultural craftsmanship of men and women in impoverished countries such as Mali, Columbia, Afghanistan and Peru. These skills are not only creative skills. They are also business leadership, sales, marketing and collecting money. Most importantly, the skills are bringing an income to an individual, a family or an entire village.

O.K., I know that it sounds incredibly altruistic, but we are savvy business owners. So how does working with Aid to Artisans help us??? Many big name designers and product companies such as Steven Burk, Jonathan Adler, West Elm, and our own Jill Rosenwald have been successfully developing product through Aid to Artisans. All of the designers seem to have gained not only a place to produce their wares, but a deeper understanding of other cultures and innovation. In many cases, it is simply an injection of inspiration that brings a new product to life.

I have to confess that before I attended this salon event, I imagined that I would find an opportunity to help someone in a less fortunate part of the world. As it turns out, however, perhaps it is the Bostonian designer that benefits the most.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Colleen Pendleton, Marketing Director. T: 860-947-3411, colleen_peldleton@aidtoartisans.org.

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