Thank You, Livia Cowan

Livia Cowan, you are my new idol! What a fantastic evening you shared with Design Salon on Tuesday at Urban Living Studio. It is easy to see why Mariposa is so successful! You started your business as an girlish adventure. Along the way you seem to have cooked up the perfect recipe- a pinch of wit, a chunk of honesty, loads of humor and endless business savvy. Clearly, your blend of smarts and whimsy is just what the marketplace relishes. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your business, your success and your life. Most importantly, the quotes for all of us to run our businesses by....

Livia-ism #1 "Hire your weaknesses"

Livia-ism #2 "Your passion defines your business"

Livia-ism #3 "Begin with the end in mind"

Livia-ism #4 "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"

Bravo, Livia

Jill Palese

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