Delicious Design

Packaging -vs- Chocolate

Is it possible to create packaging that is more delicious than chocolate? Kathleen Fulton, the co-founder and Brand Manager for Taza Chocolate (http://www.tazachocolate.com/) has make it her life's work to find a way. Having studied art, design and architecture then going for her MBA, Kathleen gathered all of her tools in order to mix up a sweet success story. She is a firm believer that packaging, product and design account for 75% of her efforts, and why people pick Taza's product off the shelf. "Good design is critical to being able to engage the consumer". Apparently, her philosophy is paying off.

Salonistas will be treated to a conversation with Kathleen, and tour the Taza factory in Somerville. If we are extra good, maybe there will be a few "samples"!

When: Tuesday, January 31st
Where: Taza Chocolate
561 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA
Time: 7:00
RSVP: Jill.Palese@gmail.com
Please bring wine and snacks to share with the group!

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