Business Building in the Fast Lane

Breathing… in Essaouira

Please join us on Tuesday, May 15th to take a journey with Kay McGowan as she is only months into the process of building her corporation through the Venture Capital Accelerator.   

Kay McGowan, one of the planning board members of Design Salon and 14 years as General Manager of the venerable Boston based Furniture Empire: Mohr and McPherson.  On December 30th, quite like Alice in Wonderland, Kay packed up her well worn suitcase of experience and took that big, scary leap into “A Curated Worldwww.kaymcgowan.com.

Change is always difficult, especially when leaving a beloved career to go it alone.  Like Alice, it is the choice in pathways and whom you meet along the way that matter.  Kay’s Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and White rabbit happened to be her friends; most important being Owen Johnson, an MIT grad and founder of Beta Spring venture capital accellator.  Owen recognized Kay as a woman with a very big idea and the brainpower to go along with it.  Kay was scooped up and is being groomed at the incubator in Providence, RI as the CEO of a projected multi-million dollar Boston based corporation.    

In Kay’s new Wonderland, she has learned that although she doesn’t know everything about starting a projected $10 million empire, she is learning quickly.  These days, when Kay takes a peek into her looking glass, she certainly sees a bright and pathway into A Curated World. 

 Where:  Jill Rosenwald's Studio
369 Congress Street, 2nd Floor
When:  Tuesday, May 15th
Time:  7:00
Please bring food and snacks to share with the group. 

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Karole Moe Art said...

What a great opportunity. I only wish I were in town to attend. The website looks amazing and the stories and products are second to none. This is a winner people!