Better Your Brand: Sprucing up for Spring with Jessica Sutton

Dear Salonistas, 

Are these winter blues getting the best of you and your business?  Do you feel like your company image could use a lovely Fairy Godmother who could swoop in, wave her magic wand and make your image shiny and new?  Luckily, Jessica is just what you are looking for!  She will be at Design Salon to share some smart tips that will inspire a few little changes that can make all the difference for spring.  And couldn't we all use a new perspective?  

Hope to see you!

Jessica owns JSGD www.jessicasutton.com, a boutique creative agency located in Boston's Innovation District. Founded in 2008 with a desire to make good design accessible to everyone, she believes that design should be fun, personal and unique – with clients ranging from small business owners and internet startups to established companies alike.  Over the past five years, Jessica has worked closely with hundreds of business owners, walking them through the branding process and amassed a library of tips to help businesses not only keep their brand aesthetic organized but their work flow as well. She will delve into some key tips for getting your brand spruced up for spring, what steps you should have in place when getting ready to work with a designer, as well as an open forum for questions.

When:  Tuesday, March 26
Time:  7:00 
Where:  M. Flynn Design mflynnjewelry.com
40  Waltham Street
South End
RSVP:  Jill.palese@gmail.com
Please bring wine or snacks to share with the group!

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