Design Salon is turning 10!

Hi Salonistas,

It's hard to believe that Design Salon will be turning 10 in a few months!   We've had loads of fantastic speakers, groovy conversations and fun new connections.  Everyone has sure come a LOOOONNNNNGGGG way since we all first gathered in Jill's studio over wine and candlelight on a chilly evening nearly 10 years ago.

The Boston design buzz says that Salonistas have been busy creating and building empires!  Feel free to shoot me a note and I'll try to post a little blast here.    jill.palese@gmail.com

Remember to check this blog in a couple of weeks...We've just booked a couple of fantastic events in great venues for March and April!


In January Salonistas were invited to the luscious Hudson , where we enjoyed an evening with one of our few male "guest stars", Michael Zimmons of Zimmons Fabrics  .  Michael spoke about how to keep business thriving moving and shaking in a three generation's old family business.  The key?  Thinking creatively,  being open minded, paying attention to customers and having great gut instincts.  Good thing Michael was absolutely adorable, otherwise Jill Goldberg's well curated shop full of eye candy would have been an insane distraction, making even the strongest willed designer weak in the knees.


In February, Natalie Carpenter of Lekker  had generously opened her beautiful boutique to the salonistas, so that we could lounge on her her delicious furniture and enjoy Natalie's scented candles while Erin Gates of Elements of Style shared her new successes, the challenges of starting and growing her brand... and her family.  It was hysterical that her hubby phoned in with a 911 call to Erin.  Apparently, their new baby needed her even more that we did!  THANK YOU ERIN, for generously sharing your evening with us, even though you were on the 5th sleepless night in a row!  We heart you.  

The Buzz  

We've heard through the grapevine that Holly Johnson of Cheeky Monkey can't keep her beautiful felt pillows in stock, and Kate Murphy and Sharyl Stropkay of Studio KS have been in their studio creating the most luscious and framable wrapping papers on the planet.

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