Bloggers Ball Wrap Up!

HEY THERE Salonistas!
The Ball was a smash hit! A home run for all of us. Thank you for coming, all of Y'all who were there. Kelly of Etcetera media opened up her amazing studio on Wareham street to all of Boston's hot designgrrrllls, and I believe we must have had 50 people in the room. There was plenty of time for the meet and greet portion of the evening before we got rolling with our headliners, Traci,Grace, and Shannon who were introduced to us by jennifer of jhill design. It was great to have such different points of view about bloggerland, as Traci and Shannon are writing personal blogs whereas Grace is more commercial, and has made blogging her business with 30,000 visitors to her site every day.
"the experts of blogland strut their stuff"

A large variety of topics were covered, but I think most salient among them were the following..
1. The internet is still the wild wild west..no rules dude.
2. Stay true to your vision if you plan to have a blog..it's mayhem out there...lotta voices.
3. Blogs need to have a true personal voice to be a success. People read blogs to get to know you.
4. Everyone can smell a bullshitter online, and readers are sure to find you out.
5. If you want to get your work out there, be clear,brief, have great photos, know your audience.

"design salonistas networking away"

We all had a ball and wish all of you who missed it could have been there. Be sure to make it to PR night on the 30th. Ciao.

"it was worth coming for Ann's cupcakes alone"
"shmoozin' and boozin' at the ball"
"our fearless hostesses local bigwig design gurus... jhill and etcetera media's kelly"
"arriving at the scene legendary mover and shaker jill shah!"

"design salonistas"

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Great recap! Thanks for sharing!