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On the last night in June 2008 our Salon was graced with the presence of New England Home's own PR brainchild Stacey Kunstel! Our Salon meetup was held at Achilles the new chic clothing store/bar/restaurant located in the très happening Fort Point district (where my studio is!). As our salonistas began arriving and schmoozing, we were spoiled by the super friendly staff and our hostess for the evening Liana Peterson. Having our first ever event at a bar was quite a treat for all of us, and we enjoyed the hospitality of this inviting space and dined on yummy snacks and refreshing cocktails.

seema..two cool cucumbers fabric designer seema krish hangs with entrepreneur jill shah!

The evening got rolling after we introduced our guest Stacy who told the group about her career in the mag trade as an editor, and stylist for some of America's top publications such as Country Living and Traditional Home. Stacy left us with the following guide to getting ourselves into an editor's hands, and we have reprinted it for you here.

Design Editor Stacy K tells us show to make it happen..You gotta work!

Jill Rosenwald asks: How in the heck can I get my work into mags?

• Work every angle—a.k.a CROSS PROMOTION
You have a great store/product. When you multidimensionalize it you make it more attractive. When I see a great design I immediately ask, “What’s your house like?”

• A lotta times, it’s WHO you know.
Know who’s on the masthead.
Know if the mag has a regional editor or call to find out.
Mine your friends and colleagues for contacts.

• Attend events.

• Interact online.

• Once you’ve got an editor’s attention be straightforward. Don’t dangle, don’t overwhelm. It’s a delicate balance.

• One magazine at a time—multiple submissions can bite you in the ass.

• Befriend the blogs
Send your ideas/products/stores/stories and how they relate to bloggers’ interests.

• Photography is important. Having high-res shots immediately available is sometimes a make or break point.



Stacy was a warm and engaged guest who was very enthusiastic about our group and it's mission. Everyone learned a ton from everything she had to say, and I think she liked us back... she may even want to become a member. Go Stacy!!

After Stacy spoke for about an hour she took questions from the group and was adamant about the fact that you need to be super nice and energetic and memorable yourself if you want to get noticed by publications..But I think my big takeaway of the night was that if you want it you gotta WORK!

The jills ....swimwear designer jill palese gives kudos to the
founder of design salon genius jill rosenwald (me!)

Thank you to everyone who came and particularly a big thank you to our host Liana and our guest Stacy. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event in August!


ps. if you join our yahoo group here you can have access to pdfs of stacy's tips!
Doreen Hing shows off Plank bag..beyond gorgeous!

jennifer hill designer of places i have never been makes a splashy entrance with janet kim of RSVP Press

kelly of etcetera media and kristen of Urban Living Studio say that Black is Back!

kara butterfield of make ready tells molly that she has never learned so much about PR in her life!

Kristen with Liana Peterson hostess with the mostest is the poshest!

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