Blogger's Ball II

It was so great the first time that we have decided to do it again! Please join us for our second annual Blogger's Ball, happening on May 18th in the Fabulous Mitchell Gold Showroom.

Our fashionable headliners for the evening are the young style mavens and trend experts; Erin Gates, Liana Peterson and Jessica Sutton.

Erin Gates, founder of Elements of Style (http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com/) will speak candidly about her style blog, fashion, culture and the scene inside and outside of Boston. Her career as a blogger is skyrocketing right now, and Erin will tell us how and why.

Liana Peterson, founder of the blog New Brahmin (http://www.newbrahmin.com/) stays on top of the fashion scene as the founder and Executive Editor of her blog, New Brahmin. She, along with a host of rocket-hot guest writers have made New Brahmin a regular read for (the new breed of ) Bostonian.

Jessica Sutton of JS Graphic Design, (www.jessicasutton.com/daucuscarota) formerly a web designer of Fresh, is piping hot as a solo act! She will speak with us about why one should and should NOT blog or become a blogger. She is keenly interested in Fashion, Culture and all things in between.

When: May 18th
Time: 7:00
Where: Mitchell Gold Showroom
142 Berkeley Street
South End, Boston
Please bring questions, snacks and wine to share with the group!


Zee said...

Its gonna be an exciting evening I see! Thanks for the invitation.


Zee Mathews
The Salon Mangers Academy

SK said...

I had such a blast! I felt so fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring, creative women in Boston.

Thank you Design Salon!


samantha chu said...

such a fun event!! it was really amazing to be around so many people who all share the same common madness for blogging!! i never had so many "a ha" moments in all my life :)

thank you!

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