"Trend/Spotting" Night

"Trend/Spotting" Night with host expert Susan Battista, (principal of market research firm Topc101), at her fashionable home in the south end.

Tuesday June 15th
24 Rutland St. Boston

join Susan for a fun workshop where she will show us how to use market research tools to take our business to...
THE NEXT LEVEL! Susan has gotten great results using this same method with both big and small companies.
She promises we will not only have fun, but we will also learn:
*to reposition our brand
*to create smarter marketing plans
*to attract new customers
* to do something GOOD for our businesses

Attendance is limited to 15.

Please rsvp directly to susan at susan@topic101.com

The June 15 session will be held in the South End from 7 - 9pm
please bring snacks and wine to share with the group


Orchid Grey said...

why has it taken me so long to find you ladies?! so glad i did though, these events sound amazing (bummed I missed the Bloggers Ball...oh well, next time!) cheers!


Anonymous said...

Such a great night. Susan in amazing and so wonderful. Thanks Design Salon ladies.


Liz said...

What an interesting discussion - and Susan is fabulous. Would LOVE to have more interactive events like this!

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