A Jeweled Life

An Evening with Kate Hines

Welcome to the Design Salon 2011-2012 season! There is no better way fall in step with the new season, than to connect with fellow creative women to discuss business, inspiration and JEWELRY.

Kate Hines (http://www.katehinesjewelry.com/) will join us on Tuesday, September 20th at 7pm at the fabulous showroom of Kate Maloney Interiors to share her infinite wisdom, style and experiences of her creative and fantastic collections.

I grew up on the coast of New England and spent summers rapt with the simple pleasures of looking. The tangles of seaweed. Rock and shell architecture. All those years of looking took voice in art school at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). It was a fantastic era for design and I interpreted the moment by launching a collection of innovative, large-scale jewelry made with roughly hewn metals and somber patinas. Everything was possible.
My icons were Miyake, Kawakubo and Yamamoto, whose designs were fierce and experimental. Retail buyers saw a similar spirit in my work and I shared floor space with my heroes in the finest American boutiques and department stores. Fashion editors featured the work in every top fashion magazine.

Fashion thrills because it is never still. Taste moderated expression and jewelry distilled to a smaller scale. In this new career phase, I began collaborating with top clothing catalogs to create private label jewelry lines to complete and distinguish their collections.
At KateHines.com, I have the freedom to ask, “What is timeless, what will endure, what do I want to offer to my customer?”

join us at 7pm
Tuesday September 20th 2011
at KMI Design
Stitch on Two showroom
2nd floor
875 Main St
please bring snacks and drinks to share with the group and rsvp to


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