Building a Brand From the Inside Out

Ebony Snow Chafey, Owner of Snow and Graham Chicago (http://www.snowandgraham.com/), shares infinite entrepreneurial wisdom with the ladies of Design Salon
Ebony is heading to Boston to spend an evening sharing with the Salonistas. Ladies, turn off your computers, put away your swatches and color cards. This is an important night for anyone in the midst of brand building. Years ago, when Ebony began her stationery line, her business was a blank slate. Over time and lots of trial and error, Ebony's company has evolved and her brand has become the one that we know today.

"It's the entire experience", says Chafey. "It's not just what you see on the surface that makes my brand strong", she says, "it's everything that you don't see that supports the brand. Customer service and inventory management right through to the visible packaging. It's all guided by the same overriding principle at Snow and Graham... THAT'S what makes my brand strong".

When: October 18

Time: 7:00

Where: M. Flynn Studio

40 Waltham Street

Bring wine and snacks to share with the group!

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